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Email Archival-Overview

Email Archiving is a strong and proven cloud enabled email archiving solution. The service enables you to archive, search and retrieve all emails sent and received from your company’s email ids without your users being aware. It also provides quick access to your past communication in a secured manner The emails get logged into a central archival system in their original format which, in order to meet compliance regulations, cannot be altered.

What is Archival?

Email is one of your company’s most vital assets – and with global email traffic estimated to rise to 507 billion messages per day by 2013*, managing email solutions will become more challenging. E-mail archiving is an organized approach to securing and saving an email so that it can be viewed quickly at a later date. With the help of this solution you can easily save emails in order to comply with various regulatory requirements. Further, your company requires the ability to easily place legal holds on emails and conduct efficient eDiscovery, if faced with a lawsuit.

IT departments without an email archiving solution in place may find themselves spending a uneven amount of time as well as money managing a growing volume of email and responding to labor intensive search and retrieval requests from corporate compliance, legal, the office of the CIO, and company employees.

Why do i need Archival?

Cloud Archive can help meet the email management requirements of your various stakeholders:

Archival Vs Backup

A nightly or other regular backup preserves a snapshot of the content available on an email server at any given time. Backups are important and clearly represent a best practice for any organization, but their purpose is to preserve email content in the event that a server fails and data needs to be restored. Backups are intended primarily as a short-term solution for the tactical purpose of restoring emails to a server.


An archive, on the other hand, captures all email, not just what was housed on the server at a given point in time. Archives are much more strategic in nature and are intended to preserve information for a variety of purposes as discussed below. Archives do not preserve just a snapshot of the data available on a server, but instead preserve a continual stream of email content

Email Archival-Features & Benefits