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At iVision we follow mature and time-tested quality processes to deliver robust and optimal services and solutions on or ahead of schedule. 

Customer Satisfaction

We take a proactive approach in ensuring customer satisfaction by being sensitive to the customers need. Feed back mechanism using customer satisfaction surveys, Customer complaints and appreciation letters received during the course of projects are used in correcting any shortfalls

Defect Free Products and Services

Our established process measurement mechanisms to track and prevent defects at early stages of development of products and services ensure that we deliver software into production with so few defects that users of the software consider it to be defect-free.

Our Approach to Quality
    • The Quality group is a collection of individuals responsible for implementing iVision Quality Policy
    • The Quality group is well supported by the Software Quality Assurance, Software Engineering Group, Knowledge Management Group, and the Training Group
    • The Software Quality Assurance group ensures that the project quality activities (including tailoring to suit individual client requirements) are planned and implemented in accordance with our Quality Policy, in all deliverables
    • The Software Engineering Group group defines, maintains and improves our Quality Management System
    • The Knowledge Management group ensure latest technology is incorporated in to our Tools, Techniques and Methodologies used to deliver high-quality services to our customers ensure continuous process improvement
    • The Training Group ensures that the lessons learnt during projects are utilized in the delivery of iVision Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd services. Project documentation and learning’s are made available via Knowledge management systems



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