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Corporate identity design is the process of building a brand image of an organization by promoting and communicating its corporate image through the use of its a color, a combination of colors, shapes, pictures, phrases, music, etc. Upholding distinct corporate culture for enhancing its public image is one of the major objectives of corporate identity design. Our corporate identity design services include corporate identity graphic design, corporate identity logo design, envelope design, business card design and many more.

Today’s brochure should deliver a quick, punchy message listing key information and direct benefits of what you offer. The goal is to offer a reason to try your company or product.

We design slightly oversized brochures, that are folded 2-3 times. For certain industries, we also design booklet style and File brochures.

Why use graphic design for print?

If your aim is to create an impression, an amazing website or piece of email marketing can create impact but the good thing about print is...your client can pick it up, hold it, read it and keep it - it's theirs!

A successful brochure, prospectus or any other form of printed literature has to have your messaging running right through it. It should all work together to create the perfectly balanced solution.

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